The fourth Industry Collaboration Seminar at the European Space Solutions 2016


Home to more than 60% of the world’s population, Asia has long been the world’s fastest growing economic region. By increasingly transforming itself from the world’s “workbench” to a knowledge based economy, Asian players are fielding indigenous GNSS, seeking entry into every part of the GNSS value chain.

The fourth edition of the Industry Collaboration Seminar at the European Space Solutions 2016, held on the 2nd of June, brought together key industry players and recognised GNSS-experts from rapidly growing Asian markets willing to provide a unique insight into current developments and opportunities for European businesses. With over 70 participants from 22 countries, this year’s Industry Collaboration Seminar took the participants on a journey through all six target regions – India, China, Taiwan, South-East Asia, Korea and Japan – providing an inside view of local trends in GNSS applications and institutional efforts to foster the growth of the already striving GNSS-related industries.


Kicking-off the session, Justyna Redelkiewicz, Head of Sector LBS and IOT at the European GNSS Agency (GSA) and Hiromichi Moriyama, the Director of the National Space Policy Secretariat of the Japanese Cabinet Office presented a brief overview of the current status of European GNSS programmes and the Japanese Satellite Based Augmentation System QZSS. As both Galileo and QZSS will become operational by 2020, the GSA and the Japanese Cabinet Office, are increasingly focusing resources on instigating uptake in the areas “Smart cities”, IoT and LBS.

But while taking a bird’s-eye view can be insightful from a macro-economic perspective, is mainly dedicated to supporting individual businesses on both continents in forming mutually beneficial partnerships. Thus, as its name suggests, the Industry Collaboration Seminar 2016 has again provided representatives from industry with the platform they need to promote their services and products. A total of eight businesses, ranging from the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation to the French GNSS-specialist M3 Systems, took advantage of this opportunity and shared their newest developments with the audience. Overall the fourth Industry Collaboration Seminar was hailed by some as “’s best European event so far” laying the groundwork for future cooperation between Asia and Europe in GNSS.




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