Service providers, manufacturing companies and public authorities must all now take a serious look at what Galileo has to offer, and set their priorities so as not to let slip the huge opportunities it will bring. Not since personal computers or mobile telephony swept global consumer markets will the world have seen such a vast range of new commercial and public service opportunities and applications. 

Installed Base of GNSS Devices per Region (Source: GSA's GNSS Market Report-Issue 4)


Beyond the safety, efficiency and comfort that satellite navigation (satnav) brings to the transport sector, it has become a valuable tool for nearly all economic sectors. Keeping track of where you are will be as important as knowing the time of day. Integration of satnav services with other technologies such as mobile communications or traditional navigation aids will multiply their usefulness.

Many potential applications have already been identified, based on the increased quality and reliability of Galileo navigation signals, but this list is certain to grow, limited only by the imaginations of innovative entrepreneurs and service providers.

The main application sectors benefited by GNSS and in particular by Galileo are presented in the following subchapters. is funded by the European Union within Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, under grant agreement no 641615.